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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fly time

Still struggling. The indexing kink in my brain seems to be on sabbatical, which sucks with deadlines rushing in. Once this beast is done -- one of those where I don't really understand the material -- at least there are some easy jobs coming up. A Chamber of Commerce proofread, a long copyedit from a typically reliable publisher -- that is, a publisher whose manuscripts are in generally good shape -- and a proofread of a plain dumb novel, which I've already copyedited. And then another index, but at least one that should be interesting: about Teddy Roosevelt.

Adding to my woes, which include the earlier-mentioned lawn-watering regimen, is that it's fly time in SW VA. Every year at this time, the flies come out. Big-ass flies. In one small room in our house a few years ago with a bunch of windows, they were so prevalent that you could hear the hum. (And in this room, as in most others in our house, the windows don't open.) Frightening. But they come for a few weeks, then they go.

But this year they seem to like my office, along with some kind of little blood-sucking gnats. It's tough to type when my hands are flailing to clear out the flies or clapping to kill the vampirebugs, which scares the dogs out of their sleep.

Sleep? I seem to remember the concept. You'd think that not having real restful nighttime hours would translate into the ability to work all night. I wish.

I've thought of trying to train my body to go back to third shift, like when I was 21 years old and working at the printing plant. Wake up at 10:30pm and go to work. Ah, those were the days. I never had more money in my life than when I was making $6.15 an hour (plus 15-20 hours a week of time-and-a-half). Rent was $150 per month (no utilities). Oh, and no spouse and no kids and no pets and no debt.

Third shift wouldn't be so bad . . . actually would be a boon to my productivity.

But it just isn't the best solution. Nor is getting nothing done.

Back to work. Well, after I check to see how many states away the rain is now.

Maybe this blog will get interesting soon. Thanks to my one reader for hanging in there.

1 comment:

moi said...

I'm shillin' for ya for more readers, I am, I am. Rain? Well, I'm This Many states away from you and none passing my way either. Nothing but blue skies and mild temps. It did rain on Moi in Berkeley this past Saturday, though. But then again, doesn't it always rain in Berkeley and just stay there?