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Friday, October 5, 2007

Giving props

Just so this blog doesn't seem like a perpetual tale of woe: I'm presently indexing a very interesting book, Preacher of Righteousness by Joshua David Hawley (Yale UP). The topic is the intellectual development of Theodore Roosevelt.

The initial image in the book is of the ferry going to Staten Island the day after TR was born. I'm not sure yet why this image appears, but as a Staten Islander, it made me smile.

(And props to Yale: they voluntarily went up on their indexing rates a few months back. Other publishers, take note.)

Another productivity note: The books I work on that mysteriously float to the top of the stack are those that (a) are interesting, (b) pay well and quickly, and (c) are easy to get off my desk. (a) and (b) certainly influence (c).

Back to work, he said happily.

1 comment:

moi said...

Very cool. Last month I had a writer turn in a story that was, well, perfect. No typos. No weird word usages. Nothing I had to call her on to verify or clarify. And not once did the submerged writer in Moi want to burst forth and change a single word, phrase or entire paragraph. The piece had just the right tone, the right use of humor, everything. I called said writer to tell her how much I appreciated the fact that she actually WROTE this piece with thought and skill, rather than tossed it off figuring the "editor" would fix it. I'm new to this editorship biz and I know this is just a little regional mag, but I've got a writer for ESPN working for Moi and he doesn't do as good a job. What's up with that?