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Monday, June 22, 2009

Meltdown for Some NY Freelancers

Moi: I'd suggest a few belts of tequila before you tackle this one:



moi said...

Dag nab it, I can't get on the site. They want me to accept their "cookies" but I didn't turn them off, so pfffft. Can you email me da story?

czar said...

will do

moi said...

Grrrrrr . . . steam rises from ears.

That no one seems to care that this kind of thing is sanctioned theft just blows my mind.

Again, I have to ask: where did the money GO? Someone paid somebody who paid somebody, who . . . right?

czar said...

I have a client who owes me from last July. They've paid 3/4 of the invoice; about $600 remains. I spoke with him a few weeks ago. He said his revenues were down 80 percent. I told him my revenues tend to decrease as well when my invoices go unpaid. He had tales of woe: his business mgr. just left, and the books don't match what the bank says . . . he's taken himself off the payroll, and maybe that'll free up some money to pay me. We'll see.

On the other hand, I'm working with a somewhat interesting (heavy on the euphemism) author who wrote me today and said that he'll be sending me money long after the project is over, because he believes in treating people right, and if the book does well, I can expect ongoing money. Uh-huh. One never knows.

moi said...

A crap shoot career for sure. If I'd wanted stability, I guess I shoulda gone into lawyering. Or politics.