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Monday, July 18, 2011

Deleted post

Yes, a post used to be here. Why did I delete it? Purely mercenary reasons. No offense intended to Eggy, Aunty, or Moi for deleting your most welcome comments.


Aunty Belle said...

Doan worry about hurtin' mah feelin's, erasin' me an all.....mah tears will dry by tomorry.

Youse got a chance fer redemption by comin' to the Front Porch for a yak about----BOOKS.

czar said...

AB: I have done so. Thanks.

chickory said...

Czar: I hope whatever happened here and at Troll's does not prevent you from playing Haiku Monday this week, hosted at Chickory blog. The theme is "Pacific".
Have a nice weekend (I escaped the Atlanta heat dome and am on the pacific chillin' - literally)

czar said...

Chickory: What happened here happened a few weeks back and was a post I needed to take down so as not to possibly turn away a potential client.

What happened at Troll's blog is a whole 'nother story, and my haiku for this week is awaiting your magnificent hostingness.

I have clients in SoCal, and they are bragging about the weather. Have a great time.

chickory said...

im in NorCal. WOW>yesterday i was in da city - and it was so windy i thought i would blow off the high landing at my friends cosmo condo. italian food in north beach; walking around and gawking at people. I saw the wild parrots of telegraph hill too. i dont mind this trip at all. stay cool. (but i miss jawja. i caint hep it)

thanks for the Haiku. It is cataloged and awaiting judgement from the gang at Raman's Chai.

czar said...

Chickory: I have a trip to NoCal tentatively scheduled for next month -- a weekend to catch up with an old college buddy of mine. For me to go anywhere that's not family-related is an oddity, so a trip like this is going to be fun.

Georgia still feels like home to me -- and I didn't live there the first 17 years of my life nor the last 14 of them.

Given the entries this week, if I even finish in the Haiku Monday top 10, I'd consider it a victory.

Anonymous said...

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