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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Haiku Monday: Ghost

Apologies to those of you without a hankering for haiku, but this week's judge, Aunty, has mandated that visuals will apply in a tiebreaker situation, so I'm kinda duty-bound to post a visual and the accompanying entry. If you're so inclined to throw in a haiku this week, please do visit this neighborhood at porkrind central.

Beckon, brick spirits! 
Perfect spacetimes well from walls;  
Spectral signs remind.


Fleurdeleo said...

Excellent and atmospheric!

darkfoam said...

very nice haiku! i love these old faded adds painted on the sides of building

Aunty Belle said...

Brick spirits--very fine wif' this image. Days of yore. Lots of alliteration: beckon bricks, well/ walls...nicely done.

Jes' wonderin', though, on one of theme brick spirits, is "owl" one or two syllables? Ha! Couldn't resist.

moi said...

Ghost ads! There are people who are very passionate about preserving them—or at least photographing them for posterity. Very nicely done haiku-al homage.

czar said...

@Fleur: Well, thank you.

@Foam: Me, too, In special cases you can get them representing a few generations of ads with funny juxtapositions.

@Aunty Belle: Them's known as ghost signs. "Owl," pronounced "Al" with a nice open "A" takes just one syllable. I was trying to explain to Fleur in a side note that around here, "wire" is pronounced just on the other side of "waahhr" but well short of "wore." It's a vowel that I don't think exists in other parts of the country. Probably some old Scots-Irish thing.

@Moi: Thank you. Yes, there's a whole culture around them. We have quite a few in the small downtown here. Pfizer's Dry Goods comes to mind.

chickory said...

way off the reservation! I wouldve never thought of it and the piano sign is indeed ghostly. SOmebody call the Warner location scout. Happy Haiku Monday!

DeepBlue said...

Thanks for visual. When I read it at Aunty's, I admit I couldn't guess anything at all.

Happy Haiku Monday