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Friday, August 3, 2012

Haiku Monday, 8/6/2012

I have no idea what I’m doing here — in the winner’s position.

I think the incomparable RafaDe granted me a Haiku Monday achievement/participation award -- like the ribbon you give at summer's end for the camper who showed up every day, had enough grit to finish the race every time, but never really had a chance in hell of beating the kids who clearly could run faster and jump higher.

Thus, I’m viewing this week’s hosting of Haiku Monday as receiving the poetic equivalent of a pity f—, to segue from Rafa’s parting imagery. (If you know that term, okay. If not, don’t worry about it.)

And you know what? I’ll take it.

Rafa is, after all, the host with the most post, or something like that. And I must say that of all the haikuers, Rafa somehow seems to get me, for what it’s worth. I’m not sure if that’s worse for me or him. After introducing my dear friend Fleur to this mess, who seemed to revel each week in letting the others know just how inappropriate my submission was . . . well, as Warren G. Harding said, “My friends . . . my god-damn friends.” Maybe it's best I stick with people who don't know me too well.

You can look up that Harding quote, by the way. It's real.

Damn, off-track already. Or maybe not. I’m just playing around.


This week’s word is play. Many places to go with it. As a verb, it’s never had much play for me. As a noun, the word now plays out with a revitalized meaning in my life.

Visuals. Sure, if you want. I’ll be honest: They won’t help you win, but they won’t hurt you either. If that makes me a bad guy, I can live with it.

5-7-5. I’m strict. And I may or may not request a correction for an entry that's off-count. Depends on time and mood. The syllables are your responsibility. Really, it's the only rule to follow, other than the deadline. You can do it. I'm sure of it.

Content. Whatever — as long as it relates in some way to play. And that’s a mighty wide berth.

Number. Post as many as you want, but only the first two are for judging. Put them in the comments section below.

Deadline: 12:01am, Tuesday, EDT.

Host’s promise: A winner announced on Tuesday, following the instructions of the judge in William Burroughs’s Naked Lunch: "Be just, and if you can’t be just, be arbitrary."



Karl said...

Good mornings Czar,

You're too hard on yourself. You have had many Haiku that rated as winners.

I've been looking forward to coming to your sandbox to play. So I'll start:

A nuclear war.
Only winning move, not play.
A nice game of chess?

What are the chances of coaxing Fleur out of hiding? She is missed.

Rafael said...

I assume you're just being modest, but please let it be known; I'm as picky with a boy I get to "know" as I am with picking my winner. Granted, I'm no critic and muddle through the hosting as best I can, but I do know what I like and yours was GREAT!

That said, I have a bit of silliness straight from my most favorite of gayisms:
If you're gonna leave gnash marks, best bite off more than you can chew or you may find yourself with a backside FULL of trouble. (HaHa, sorry)

Batted to and fro
Kitten kisses; play or prey
Pleasure comes through pain

I'm working on a kernel of an idea for an intro visual, and will hopefully be back with another 'ku and perhaps some visuals. have to see where my time lies this weekend.

I was thinking the same as Karl, I'm sorely missing Fleur's jumbled mess of love noises.

Have a blessed weekend & SMILE--


Aunty Belle said...

Oh My! Congratulations. Ditto Karl's comment--many great Haiku from the Czar's pen.

An' yessir, whar's Fleur, fer heaven's sake?

Will be back--about 11:59 Monday. Heh, jes' playin' wif' ya'.

czar said...

Hi, folks.

Revelation: Go to images.google.com and type in "Haiku Monday." You'll see many of the images posted by our little family here, in one place and across a number of weeks/months.

And if you type in "Haiku Monday" and the week's prompt word, you'll get many of the posted images for that particular week.

Playing on the Internet: Time Suck Numero Uno.

grins said...

Way to go Czar!
Sorry I only had about ten minutes to do this.

Shadows flit and dance.

A sycamore tree is glad.

Childhood's popcicle

fishy said...

B'neath light of moon
Oberon's mischief reveals
William's Summer farce

Anonymous said...

Nice choice Czar, so many possibilities. I am late into the fray because:

Kick-ass booted march
among the crags and forests.
Elk hunter’s playtime.

A visual is at http://serendipitouswildmoments.wordpress.com/2012/08/05/backtrail/

Rebecca said...

congrats on your win it was well deserved here are my entry though I'm a little frighten to be playing again.

Play's final act
showers of tears freely flow
smile life is over

one, two skip a few
oh be careful where you bleed
playing hide and seek

Fleurdeleo said...

Congratulations, Csar! Very sophisticated (and classy) entry last week.

I have missed you, HM friends!

Here is my entry:

Sun-dappled seesaw.
Perfect harmony until
the first hard landing.

fishy said...

To the return of the incomparable Fleur!

My second offering:

Squealing cousins catch
light'ning bugs in mason jars.
Ahhhhh! "Children's Hour"

moi said...

Hey, it's Fleur! Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Fleur!

Czar, a second entry from Serendipity:

Look! Ravens sledding!
Yes, birds sliding on snow-slopes, headfirst on their backs!

I knew ravens played in the wind, but when I saw this I nearly drove off the road!

Anonymous said...

Humph! Comment screwed up returns.

Look! Ravens sledding! (return)
Yes, birds sliding on snow-slopes, (return)
headfirst on their backs!

Rebecca said...

here is my tweak to the first haiku hope it's correct now

Play's final act, end
showers of tears freely flow
smile life is over

chickory said...

clearly you understand the latitude afforded the host. I love arbitrary. anything is possible. Im on a general blog ban but because you won the perfect attendance medal I might eeeeek one out before deadline tonight.

fishy said...

A wee adjustment to my second:

Squealing cousins catch
light'ning bugs in mason jars.
Ahhh! Tis "Children's Hour"

Rafael said...

HEY, Czar...I'm baaaaack!!!!

I have another (couple):

Played myself the fool
Bared my charms to win his heart
Lost my self instead


Sing me your sorrow
Canoodling, we'll find your smile
Trace my lips with yours

I'm up with visuals at: http://ramblingsfrommytyper.blogspot.com/2012/08/haiku-monday-giocare.html



(Fleur's back, too!! YAY!!)

Karl said...

Good evening Czar,

One more to judge:

As Summertime wanes
Frolic and fun give way too
Falls preparation

and to one to play:

Some friends we have missed
Returning from hiatus
Make a pleasing read

Jon DeepBlue said...

Good evening Mr. Land,

I've just been to my friend Rafa's blog and, curiosity getting the best out of me, I needed to read what the crew came up with this week's theme. Since "playing" is a major part of my daily life, I didn't have much trouble knitting 17 syllables together, although I beg you NOT to consider my offering for the competition. This one is just for giggle, as Rafa would say (not without some sneaky and witty references to some parts of the body, references I cannot cook up with as much artistry even in my own mother tongue! HA!)

I'm exploring again tonught, a concept I used last year when Aunty Belle hosted Haiku Monday. "Journey" was then the theme. So here's my little poem:

Strings screaming under
unmerciful hammering.
Ivory keader.

Clicking on the third verse will lead you to some visual AND AUDIO (for I am more of a listener than a watcher) but I am sure everyone already knows what I'm talking about.

Great ku's from everyone. I love Becca's "hide and seek" and Fishy's ode to William and I can so relate to Fleur's pain... Everything that goes up must come down, and it's rarely soft! Ouch!

Wishing you, czar, and the czarina and all the haikuists a wonderful week.

Amicalement vĂ´tres

chickory said...

the fountain of youth
awaits in actions of choice
obligations, no.

chickory said...

Autumn grasshopper
play your beautiful music
winter's ants provide

CJ said...

Whew! Wasn't sure if I was going to make it on time this week. Rafa has spoiled me on deadlines! No visuals for me this week. Here's mine.

I just gotta play!
An addiction I can't break.
Haiku Monday ROCKS!!

Great theme Czar, and good luck to all!!


Aunty Belle said...

lame entry--but it is late an' it's been a bear of a day.

True object of all
human life? Play. Not Aunty's
wise words: Chesterton

Anonymous said...

Purple Martins flight
Thunderous playground above
Twirling laughter sky

Kristen (coreyjo's sister in law)

Aunty Belle said...

Welcome back Fleur!! you've been missed.