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Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm Alert: Sandy in SW VA

From the local rag:

“In Southwest Virginia, they’ve advised possibly toward the later part of the week we could be looking at rain or snow,” said Pokey Harris, emergency management director for Washington County, Va. “We’ll continue to monitor the system.”

Could you take seriously an emergency management director named "Pokey"?

Oh, wait.

[UPDATE 10/31: I've apparently offended the image gods, and the photo below -- pulled from images.google.com -- has been removed. Thanks for keeping up with the blogs, folks.]

Given the tornadoes here a few years back, she's had to deal with some serious issues, and I'm sure does a hell of a job . . . but still.

I must admit to reading "Pokey" and thinking something more along the lines of this:


moi said...

Yay! Love starting off a Monday with a laugh. But if I were that gal, I'd refuse to let anyone call me Pokey.

czar said...

I suspect Pokey tells people what to call her.

moi said...

Perhaps. In which case, shudder.

Aunty Belle said...

Hope youse dry--an' safe.

Left ya' a comment at Central Kentucky.