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Friday, March 22, 2013

apologies: word verification enabled on comments

Sorry, folks. It's gotten out of control. Not like I've got a legion of followers anyway. I need to keep this place tidy.


moi said...

I don't blame ya; the spam is getting way out of control.

Aunty Belle said...

Hooray for eyes!! But, Czar, ain't ya' young fer cataracts?
Treat indeed.

Haiku Monday theme is up. With new spin.

Hate detest, abhor word veri. But I unnerstan.

czar said...

@Moi: Totally. I could almost tolerate it if the content weren't so abhorrent. I'm trying to run a PG shop here. Well, maybe PG-13.

@Aunty: I am way, way young for cataracts. Usually at this age cataracts are the result of an underlying medical condition. For me, it's just the universe's grand sense of humor to put about the worst-functioning eyes around in the head of someone who reads for a living.

Ironically, while we're in Fort Myers, I'll be seeing an editing cohort of mine whose eyes are so bad that a DMV person once told him he'd make sure that he never drove anywhere, ever, in his life. But his problem is different from what mine was.

Aunty Belle said...

Know the play was a smash this week! Hope youse all puffed out wif' Papa pride.