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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Now That’s What I Call Progress

In examining medicine, one sees the impact of developmen­tal thinking not only in the planned obsolescence of medical technology, essential to the process of commodification, but also in influential analytic constructs such as the health transition mod­el. In this view, societies as they develop are making their way toward that great transition, when deaths will no longer be caused by infections such as tuberculosis but will occur much later and be caused by heart disease and cancer.


Aunty Belle said...


moi said...

Hey, whatever it takes to thin the herd.

darkfoam said...

Perhaps fun and new diseases are on the horizon.
If you are up for a haiku, I'm hosting with the theme of night.

Rafael said...

Murder's on the rise, too, ya' know. No cure for that action!

That said, I'd kill for one of those puzzles of yours, you call a haiku!!! WHAT?!? I'm a sucker for puzzle do'ers.

I see Foam's given it a go, but thought I'd ask as well.

Aunty Belle said...

Jes' check in' fer a pulse. Hope youse Doin swell.

czar said...

Foam and Rafa: Thanks for the invites. My hai ain't been kuing lately. Don't know whai.

Aunty, you've been on my mind. Same to you and the Belle clan. I'll be in touch.