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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Those Wacky Germans

Reminds me of our trip to the dominatrix’s studio in Berlin back in 2000 (purely for research purposes and local color, of course. And who could turn down such an invitation?).

From the current project:

Berkeley, CA, 1916:

Kem Weber designed another party, held at the Forkes’ house on Berryman Street in mid-May. It was “for the benefit of the German bazaar” for war-relief. The theme was a “baby ball.” All of the attendees, including a number of other Berkeley professors and the German consul and vice-consul, dressed as infants, in diapers, with little bonnets. Weber designed the program, invitations, many of the costumes, and the decorations, transforming the Forke home “into a giant nursery.”


Karl said...

Good evening Czar,

The contest is ending. Please stop by for a visit Haiku Monday: The Finale

Aunty Belle said...

See? No wonder many folks have a suspicion that all at Berkeley ain't what it should be.

Thank you for the kind words on final Haiku.

How are you? the new bidness? The boys and the Mrs?