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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Gem from an Awful Book

et all

Yeah, I guess that works.


Auntybellum said...

Groan....collect these for your next book?

czar said...

Aunty! How nice to see you. Last time I checked over in Crackerworld (probably a few months ago), it was silence on all fronts. Good to see you here slumming.

Next book . . . next life. Writing is hard work, especially when burdened by such things as research and style. I am certain you pull it off with grace and aplomb.

Et all is not from the current tome, but that one has troubles all of its own. A simple humorous typo would be the least of my concerns.

moi said...

In Aunty-speak, that would mean: Ate it all.

czar said...

It is the holiday season.