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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Just Because

One of my favorite spots at Gethsemani . . .

On the sculpture garden walk


Unknown said...

Am I reading this right?? Czar at Gethsemani??

Heh. I came to see if Czarist Press has been born yet?

I wuz readin' backwards in the Porch archives and seen how ya meant to set up Czarist Press. Hope ya' did.

Hope all is well wif' yore clan.


czar said...

Aunty! Aunty! Aunty!

I've been thinking of writing you actually -- although right now, I can't remember why. Maybe it'll come to me.

Yes, I've been to Gethsemani three times. We've discussed it. If you'll remember, the second time there I was bitching about the lack of silence, and you referred me to another monastery that was no-nonsense and where the silence was assured.

I did set up pastorspress.net, and right now, that's all it is . . . is set up. A million other things intruded, but the concept is timeless -- and I tried to write the text that way. But no authors yet. My fault.

Ah, yes. I remember: I just indexed a book about women's ordination for Wipf and Stock. While the author didn't come right out and say he was against it, he did a very entertaining job of shredding many of the popular (emotional) arguments for it. I think he ultimately concluded that the greatest motivator back when for women's ordination was universal suffrage.

But most of his arguments dealt with how people read all kinds of things into scripture that just flat out aren't there. You'd probably enjoy it, and I'd send you a PDF to scroll through, but you seem to have more reading to do than I do.

Great to hear from you. All's well. Older son in Chicago playing music and doing comedy and working various jobs; younger son engaged and getting ready to finish his master's and begin life as a high school English teacher, bless his heart.