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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

english, sort of

I received today the following email:

Dear sir or madam,
We, is member of DragonFord Corp is a professional pharmaceutical, chemical, intermediate, raw material, veterinay,agrochem,ceramics foam filters,adhesive tape.
At a customer’s oriented, cooperative, positive and effective ways, we have enough confidence to cooperate with our partners in a pleasant way.
If you are interested in this, please contact us at any time. Let's have a good start.
Waiting for your comments, thanks a lot in advance!
Yours faithfully Mr. Bob


What I am interested in is making their English passable to the people with whom they are trying to correspond. I informed them that I accept PayPal.


Aunty Belle said...

Heh...thas' the calibre of the chatter I git too when I need tech support on my latest digital gizmo.

Howdy. I'se visitin' from MOI's. I doan think ya' have no borin' job--I mean, ya's free to charge extry iffin' the copy ain't juicy, or a spy thriller or the latest Bio/viral/eco threat meltdown expose.

Reckon what I'se curious about is does ya ever read fer fun, or is ya sick of lined squiggles on paper?

Onc't when I was young and naive I tole my OBGYN I supposed his wife was real tolerant of him spendin' his days wif' disrobed ladies. "Naw," he said, "she knows bare landscape doan catch my eye no more...but when I see lass in skirt wif' a slit up the side in high heels, I'm doin' 60 in five seconds flat."

moi said...

Okay, so I would have to ask, if they can't DESCRIBE, in a clear, concise manner, what it is they actually DO, shouldn't we be worried that they are, nonetheless, wielding in some way, shape, or form, a whole helluva lot of pharmaceutical, chemical, intermediate, raw material, veterinay,agrochem,ceramics foam filters,adhesive tape?

That CAN'T be good, right?

czar said...

aunty belle: I've been enjoying your posts on Moi's blog for some time. Thanks for checking in.

Charge more for boring content? I wish. I recently had an editor ask if I would take less money to index an easy job. She'd sent me a ballbuster just recently, and I reminded her that she didn't offer me more money for that one because it was hard. End of discussion.

I read for fun when I am otherwise indisposed voiding my colon. Or when I'm checking in with Moi. That's about it. The worst thing anyone can get me for a present is a book, although I've scored two winners in recent years. My younger son just gave me a Big Lebowski tribute book for father's day, and my long-suffering spouse gave me a book of Rolling Stone covers -- many photos, few words. Great stuff.

I agree with the gynechiatrist. Maybe I'm not the regular male, but many beautiful women seem more so in some state of clothedness. There's something to be said for the imagination.

Moi: I suspect that the Chinese manufacturers, no matter what they are doing, have much better English than our Mandarin.