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Monday, September 8, 2008


Follow-up to last post. Never heard from the author. The mystery continues. Also makes me wonder why I bothered.

Spent most of the last week away from the office, and actually went a few days without working. Now if only I could incorporate the occasional day off into my home life.

Still indexing time here in the bunker, although a few copyediting and proofreading jobs are creeping back into the schedule. Spoke today for a while with an author who said that God told him to write this book. But he might only want 3/4 of it edited, for financial reasons. Sounds like an interesting tome, so I might cut a deal. But I've got to see the manuscript first.

God's telling me I need to walk the dogs.

1 comment:

moi said...

Meh, God regularly tells me to write certain books, too. And I regularly give God the finger, because while God is good at giving directives, He/She is NOT good at doing the actual work. Writers don't want to write. They want to have written.