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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Naming names

Back before this freelance thing took over my life, I used to write and edit textbooks for a living. Mind-numbingly boring textbooks for life and health insurance home office bureaucrats. Wonderful company, incredible people to work with, and mind-numbingly boring textbooks.

But with plenty of examples. You know, "XXX is buying 20-year term life insurance from his agent YYY."

In addition to trying to be politically correct and making sure that every culture and gender possibility were represented among the names you'd use in these examples, occasionally you could manufacture a little fun and slide in the name of a friend or relative on the sly. A shout out, as it would be called these days.

I'm proofreading a book now, an aspect of which will be the subject of a post later tonight if I finish the book and am still awake -- in that order -- and it includes one of the great example names I've ever come across. Whoever wrote the book must be a golf fan, because there's a Daly followed by a Tiger, but that is kid stuff compared to this masterwork:

Juan Ton

I laugh every time I read it.

1 comment:

moi said...

If you ever slip Moi in a book? I want to be called Debbie Harry, por favor.