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Thursday, January 27, 2011

As I Was Saying

Well, after a most different and difficult start to the year blog-wise, it's back to the trenches.

Received a call a few days back from a prospective author, referred my way from one of my publishers. This publisher primarily prints books for motivational speakers, often of a religious bent -- mostly, but not always, tending toward Christian fundamentalist/evangelical.

Author and I are going through the usual drills: size of manuscript, format, turnaround time, rates. Author mentioned earlier in the conversation that she has her PhD and she thinks the manuscript is already in pretty good shape (double red flag). Now she asks what other services I provide, because she works with some Christian associations that might have a need for what I do.

I explain -- copyediting, proofreading, indexing -- and then say that I work for a number of denominational/scholarly presses: "Westminster, the Presbyterian Publishing Corporation; Orbis, the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers; Crossroad, mostly Catholic topics; Paulist, the Jesuits. I've also worked for the Episcopal publishing house. . . ."

"OK. But have you worked for any Christian associations?"

"Associations? Well, these are all publishing houses."

"Yes, but I'm referring to Christian organizations."

"Umm, do you not consider Catholics Christians? Presbyterians? Episcopalians?"

"Well, I'm just in the looking-around stage, so I'll be looking at other editors, too. I've got your information. Thanks."
Bigots. Anyone who thinks Mitt Romney has a chance in hell of being president doesn't know enough people like this author, and doesn't realize how many of them there are, and that they vote like crazy. And you can take that any way you want.


moi said...

You ever read the Brothers Karamazov? The goodly who do exist on this earth remain unrecognized and, in the end, are persecuted by the so-called faithful. "Christian" values. Same as they ever were.

czar said...

I've not read the BK. I don't have a problem with Christians in general, but I've got a big problem with the ones who think they're the gatekeepers for who gets to join the club. Unfortunately, that's a lot of them. But who am I to say?