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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shout Out to DSSers

Thanks so much to all of you who have read and commented about this blog on your website. It's really quite fascinating to see what people will say behind the veil of anonymity that they likely wouldn't have the guts to put their real names to in an email or a response to this blog.

Real names. I've put myself out there. Would any of you care to do the same? No, because you think you'd be jeopardizing the position you have with the company you all seem to loathe, but which still absolutely fascinates you for some reason. If it's just a gig, why do some of you people have hundreds of posts on DSS? And some of you don't even work there anymore? Amazing.

I'm getting great amusement about the thrashing over the Michael Steele quote at the top of the blog post, which was pretty obviously intended to point up the cultural illiteracy of the gentleman who headed up the Republican Party over the last few years. From what I've seen at DSS, subtlety isn't a strong suit over there. I can draw a few conclusions from the inability of a number of you to grasp the intent of the post. None are complimentary.

Interesting that "Patrick," another courageous soul, hasn't taken down the forum topic and the thread he started, even though he claims his SOP is not to allow mentions of real names on his site. Not sure what his fascination or motivation is here. I guess he's driving traffic while he can, not that I blame him.

Some of you should really learn to read. I've searched this page for "Moi" as a first-person reference. Moi is a friend of mine, whose blog I link to and who sends in comments on some of my posts. "Refers to himself as 'Moi'?" Where?

I don't claim to be a writer. Never have, nor would I want to be one. It's very hard work to do well, and it's not for everybody. Not all writers are editors, and not all editors are writers. The best of both admit they need the other -- another point that many DSSers seem to miss. Editors, when they are writing, obviously need another editor. If you want to see some nice writing, I'd invite any of you to check out Moi's blog and hunt around a while.

Yes, Adam V. Lally, I can see you're from Atlanta, or at least near there. It shows up in the Feedjit gadget. As do the hometowns of most of the other people who've checked in here. St. Charles, Mo., Englewood, Ohio, Syracuse, N.Y., Austin, Topeka, Phoenix, Tucson (hope you're not too hung up on grammar), Huntington, Rego Park, N.Y., Lake Forest, Calif., Mankato, Minn. . . . It's a regular travelogue.

Anyway, hope you're having fun. The longer everything stays up and active, the less I'm convinced that Patrick's all that concerned with anonymity after all.

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