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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hmm. Not the First Conclusion I'd Have Come To

Significantly, the fish also symbolized Gehry’s conflicted sense of Jewishness. Gehry first highlighted the Jewish dimensions of the fish in 1984 when he declared: “When I was a kid I used to go to the market with my grandmother on Thursdays. We’d go to the Jewish market, we’d buy a live carp, we’d take it home to her house in Toronto, we’d put it in the bathtub and I would play with this goddamn fish for a day until the next day she’d kill it and make gefilte fish. I think maybe that has something to with [my interest in fish forms].” At one level, therefore, the fish was a symbol of familial togetherness.


Karl said...

Good afternoon Czar,

When I was a kid I went trout fishing with my father. I was fishing upstream of him, out of his line of sight. And I got a bite. It was a tremendous struggle, the biggest fish I had ever caught, yet I fought it and landed it. It was too big for my creel. So I carried it downstream in my arms.

My father took one look at it and said "throw that damn thing away, it's just a Carp, it's not good for anything".

I was offline most of the weekend. I enjoyed your haiku.

czar said...


Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your unofficial haiku.

The TVA lake we live near is full of carp. They are huge and butt ugly. Years back, some of the younger actors at the theatre where my wife works were out there with us. One of them took to reaching down into the water and attempting to punch the damn beasts. Alcohol may have been a factor.

moi said...

Aw, gee. Poor carp.

But I'll be ding danged if I can see the fish form in Gehry's work.

czar said...

Moi: Not on the ones I sent you earlier, but I'll send another.

moi said...

Got 'em. Now I really REALLY know that I hate this dude's work. Give me Meier, Niemeyer, the Saarinens any day.

Sharon Rudd said...
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Sharon Rudd said...

Not that I know much about fish, but I can see a likeness to twisted, floppy fish forms in some of Frank Gehry's work.

And thanks, Czar, for prompting me to come up with my first haiku (minus the Unabomber part). In the comments over at Moi's.

czar said...


Good to see you here, and there. Hopefully now that we've opened the gates, we can see more of that Intuitive mind.

moi said...

Haiku Winner is UP!