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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

For GVB and Moi

This song has helped me immensely through today. I think I've listened to it 30 times via the following link. Don't think I've ever made it through a minute watching the video, although I like the one with her playing it in an LA park with Bon Iver, in which you can watch her and a band. Check it out if you're so inclined.

Rough few days, folks. Don't know what's up here lately.
And I don't even like to dance.
Love this, though.

PS: It's not hard to trace the line from there back to the song below. And, yes, if you're keeping score at home, singing in the following video would be Maureen Tucker (lower right), drummer in perhaps (ahem) the most influential rock band in history as well as future Walmart assistant manager, future Tea Party advocate, and future partial inspiration for a Haiku Monday entry:


Aunty Belle said...

Sorry fer the icky day (or two or three). Amusin' song, an' I did manage to git through the whole video--wonderin' what the folks in that mall thought as she danced along.

Hope the week improves.

czar said...

Thanks, Aunty. I'm working on it, but unfortunately I think it's a case of throwing a shovel rather than a ladder to a man in a hole.

Jenny said...

Sir; the theme for next week's Haiku Monday is: RAIN.

I really hope you're able to participate.

czar said...

Great theme, Boxer. And most appropriate for your locale.

Every week:

1. I'll say I won't.
2. I do anyway.

So I'll probably be there, with my contrarian and obtuse shoes on.

I'll wait to hear from Moi who in the U.S. produces contrarian and obtuse shoes.

moi said...

Just goes to prove my contention that the Swedes produce some of the best pop going. WTF, you ask? Roxette, I reply! Try and get that song out of your head, today, I dare you.

In heaven, as a reward for all your earthly travails, you and Ms. Tucker will run away together and raise Bassett Hounds while plotting the overthrow of socialist hierarchies everywhere. While eating tofu. "It takes a busload of faith to get by."

czar said...

Moi: Are you mad at me? First I thought you were boycotting my blob for reasons I couldn't understand. Then, except for the Basset hounds, you offer as my heavenly reward a hellish existence. "Overthrowing socialist hierarchies" with a Teahadist devotee? Did you get confused and think you were posting on Troll's blog?

Like God, Moi must have a finely honed sense of humor and irony that bypasses mere mortals.

On the Swedes, I think of the Bjorn line when asked why he didn't write songs in Swedish. He stated, "When Lou Reed starts writing songs in Swedish, so will I."

My recent drive to ATL was one of the most bizarre solitary carbound experiences I've ever had. Might be the genesis for a whole new blob. But I think it grew out of thinking of Lou Reed and the Velvets, and one song in particular on which Mo Tucker features heavily.

But I'll save it for Blob 2, in which czar might begin to exercise his writing chops -- or at least find an appropriate "dump truck to unload my head."

czar said...

@Moi, again: For proper balance I should have offered some later-era Lou to complement your own citing, but I'm not that knowledgeable about it. You happened to quote one of his albums from after the mid-1970s that I'm actually a little more acquainted with.

moi said...

Oh come on; I know there's a conservative lurking just beneath your surface and you know it, too. What, would you rather I'd have stuck you with Keira Knightly and you spend eternity walking her red carpet, eating bad curries, and pronouncing "what" incorrectly?

Speaking of which, there is one movie, ONE, that I like her in: Domino.

I look forward to that second blog.

Aunty Belle said...



czar said...

@Moi: I ditched Keira Knightely when I saw a cigarette in her hand. I think if I had to spend eternity with someone these days, it would be the queen of Jordan.

A conservative -- hell, a free-market libertarian -- used to inhabit my body. I got over it. And the human manifestations of such concepts these days in the United States are generally such a loathsome bunch -- present company excepted, of course -- that if I were leaning that way, I wouldn't want the guilt by association.

@Aunty: Yeah, the left has ways to demonize its opponents, too, unfortunately -- and I'm occasionally weak enough to give into them.