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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Not Infrequent Albeit Frightening Thought in the Bunker

What do you do when you have no confidence that authors have the capability to answer your queries or follow through on requests for information, such as completing bibliographic entries correctly or unpacking confusing passages?

I might eventually expand on this point, but for now the question stands on its own.

The issue, though, is a common one.


Boxer said...

what do you do with bloggers when they fail to understand a pretty good joke? :-)

czar said...

@Boxer: Typically I look at the calendar and confirm that it's (Haiku) Monday.

Did you really see Ali in the ring? If so, I'm most envious.

Always good to have you stop by.

Boxer said...

No! I'm too "young" - have seen only local live boxing matches. I blame the snow and lack of sleep on my inability to read a simple comment the correct way. EEEK.