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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why It's Always Better to Query

Alrighty, put on your copyediting or proofreading hats. What do you notice about the following sentence?

At the funeral home, I wrapped up all the ashes from the burned part of the family money gift [tshuab ntawv vam sab].

Careful readers will note that the "v" in "vam" is not italicized. [Be honest. Did you see it?]

Most cases, one might simply think it's an error and italicize it, right? I queried, and received this pretty fascinating answer from the author:

"Nonitalicized if spoken aloud; italicized if thought. Stet."

I hope Hmong copyeditors get paid the big bucks.


moi said...

Yes, I saw it. No, I had no idea. Fascinating. Always something to learn.

czar said...

@Moi: Like John Lennon, you passed the audition.

Anonymous said...

Czar, sent you email. You can send that way or post here and I'll copy over.