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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Haiku Monday: Getting Down to Business

All: Apologies for the apparently less than inspirational or motivational prompt. Thanks for participating. All entries were thoughtful and appreciated.

Show: Moi

Creed: Hands off. Ask first. No one’s
business but our own.

The combination of type and image helped, which is one reason for the mention and the reason for the centered type here. Posted under the image, "Libertarian" came across more like a caption or pronouncement on its own rather than as an adjective for "creed," thus leaving the last two lines standalone. Nifty.

PS: No matter what I do, I can't change the highlight behind this verse, even if I retype it. Moi, you are a wizard.

Place: Foam

Unencumbered greed stampede.
So screw Black Friday.

Those first twelve syllables are just killer.

Win: Becca

jumping, giggling 
Laughter runs wild through the house 
Monkey business fun

Yes, Becca, it wasn't your finest. And the dictionary shows "giggling" as two syllables, but does anyone here really pronounce it that way? I don't. 

I like the lowercase start-off -- intentional or not -- which separates the action of the presumably youthful actors from the more mature observation of the last two lines. The anthropomorphism of "laughter run[ning]" is wonderful. "Monkey business" offered a creative use of the prompt word and managed to tug a subliminal Marxist heartstring (see the previous exchange with Karl) on this end.

Hmm. I wonder if in spite of Becca's image (not referenced in her posting and thus noncanonical [you can tell where my head's been]), this haiku might actually have been a subversive, collective-unconscious Marx Brothers homage?

The business of childhood is fun. The business of the Brothers Marx was laughter and running wild. Our winning haikuist managed to cover both. In literature, it's not the words that are being read, but the reader, right? Some school of thought holds such.

Becca: You've got an extra bit of business on your plate next week. Enjoy.

Thanks, all.



fishy said...

WooooHooo! to all the winners, each one was a marvel. There is though, something very nice about the Fat Tuesday win going to the Monkeys

moi said...

Congratulations, Becca, on a great haiku and your win! (Czar, fastest Haiku Winner post ever. There should be a prize for that. Sleep?)

CJ said...

Congrats Becca!!

Excellent hosting Czar, sorry I missed ya this week.. I had a sick monkey at home and forgot what day it was..


p.s. sometimes the highlight is there when you copy and paste... try clicking on "paste as plain text" instead of just paste next time... I'm sure you tried this, but wanted to mention it just in case you didn't :)

Anonymous said...

Czar must score as they come in, then run a tally at midnight to get that done so fast! Wow. Great job hosting Czar.

Becca, congrats - clearly a great haiku with a light-hearted tone. Nicely done. Now - thanks to Czar - you have plenty of time to prepare to host before you post a theme on Friday.


darkfoam said...

Congrats to Becca! And thanks for the mention! I's like winning without hosting. Thanks for hosting, czar.

Karl said...

Good evening Czar,

Thanks for letting us monkey around in your business. You obviously needed to get to work and get us out of your hair.

Congratulations Becca, a well deserved win. Laughter and monkey business, they just go together.

Buzz Kill said...

Nice haikus this week on a topic that's going to go down the tubes real fast - after the state of the union last night.

@Karl - I thought it was Gary Hart and Monkey Business that went together?

Karl said...

@ Buzz Kill: Yes sir, that ship set sail on a bed of Rice.

Anonymous said...

Great job Becca!!

T'were a swell topic, Czar, an I owes an apology fer missin' the fu. Jes' plum. Too tuckered that night when I dragged in the door Monday.

Anonymous said...

I just stopped by Becca's blog. She seems out of business for now. Don't think she knows she won.

Need a new plan. Is Moi hosting?

Her Blog says"Do to some weird force of nature all three of our house
computers decided to share a virus at the same time. Due to this all computers are currently sitting at the computer store being checked out. I'm not sure how long this will take as my computer doctor is rather busy however he has promise to try and get at least one up and running by the weekend but till then I am closing my blog doors for a few days to take care of this. If you are seeing this message no worries I am fine and well to be honest I am most likely enjoying a good book somewhere. I promise to be back on Monday with my boogie shoes on ready to party. OH and because I am unable to answer comments I will be turning them off to this post."


czar said...

Thanks, all. I don't know what to do about next week. I'd offer to host again (with one of my better prompts), but this weekend/next week would be tough for me.

Anonymous said...

Here is my suggestion.

Becca should be back online next Monday - the President's Day holiday. With this being a holiday weekend many of us no doubt have plans. Under these circumstances, why not take a pass on Monday the 18th and instead let Becca host on the 25th to celebrate her win.

If Becca does not resurface next week, I'll volunteer to host on the 25th - unless someone else wants to.


moi said...

Sounds like a good plan to me, Serendipity. I'd host this week, but am eyeballs deep. And, besides, Becca should celebrate her first win by hosting :o)

Rebecca said...

i'm just now becoming aware that you bestowed the winning honor on me and as I've been off line for over a week not sure I can deal but thank you for your kindness. I would however love to pass the honor on to someone else who deserves it more then me as I do not feel my haiku is winning material nor do I have the time as i am juggling several other personal issues at home. I am truly sorry to have to bow out.

Anonymous said...

OK, so now we have an answer. Becca, congratulations on the win! I'll bail you out and host this week. FOr everyone who wants to play, visit Serendipity for the theme. I'll be taveling this weekend, but back in play by Sunday evening.

Come by for a theme at http://serendipitouswildmoments.wordpress.com/

Anonymous said...

Hi Czar,

I have posted a theme and will play host in Becca's stead.

Come play.