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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Proud Papa

Yes, that would be my son on the left, in the role of The Mute.

Equity show at a very well-regarded theatre.

Pinch me.

Florida Repertory Theatre: "The Fantasticks"

The Fantasticks by Tom Jones & Harvey Schmidt


Buzz Kill said...

You know, I've heard of The Fantasticks but never saw it on broadway or TV, so I did a little research. There was a 1960s off-broadway version that starred a very young Jerry Orbach (Law & Order) and he actually sounded pretty good singing the signature song - Try to Remember.

My father was a big showtunes guy (he didn't have very good taste in music) and I can remember "Try to Remember" as one of the tunes he played over and over - on his 8-track.

And I'm guessing that your son's character "the mute" is "Mortimer" from the 1995 movie, played by Teller (of Penn & Teller). I hope he can remember his lines. bwahahaha

I hope your son can score you some free tickets. They can be in the back row because you have new eyes now (hope that went OK).

czar said...

Buzz: Thanks for coming by. Always good to see you. I am typing this without glasses. Life is very good.

The Fantasticks started in Greenwich Village about 6 weeks before I was born. Since I grew up an avid fan of the NYC papers, I probably saw at least one reference to this play (in advertisements) literally every day of my life until I moved away from NYC.

I might have seen it once in summer stock somewhere in upstate NY in the 1970s. But the theatre where the czarina works put it on a few years ago, so I saw it a couple of times. I was talking afterward with the guy who was running lights, and he said that every time he watched it, the more perfect it got. I started to get that feeling when I saw it the second time.

The show's never been on Broadway. But I guarantee you that the royalty checks to the playwright or his heirs are quite handsome.

Yep, every seat in the theatre's a good seat now, unless it's got one of Yankee Stadium's old columns in front of it.

czar said...

@PS to Buzz: That off-Broadway version is the only one there ever was. They may have moved once. But it's played continuously in the Village for 50-something years. Maybe there was one break, somewhere in the 40s. And I think Jerry Orbach might have originated the role.

I'm not really a big musical theater fan, but the topic once came up among my golf buddies: which movie have you seen the most? My answer, hands down: West Side Story and Guys and Dolls. Both are great movies, and they played incessantly on NYC television. I love Guys and Dolls like family.

moi said...

I'm with you, musical theater tends to make me itch. But I'm thrilled for you as a proud papa!

Aunty Belle said...

Proud Papa indeed!! Congratulations. Ain't seen the play but do know some of the songs--an' I does recall TRY TO REMEMBER.

Eyes? Ya' got them new eyes?? ooooh, thangs is all new an' rediscoverable, huh?? Czarina is even more purty than ya' knew.

czar said...

@Aunty: Sorry for just responding. Yep, Czarina looks great as ever without the shield between me and her. Now she's the one who wears glasses all the time.

Fort Myers ain't too far from Cracker Country. We'll be seeing eh play twice the week of March 24; I know we'll be there March 28. Come see it. Chat me up in the lobby and then leave, and I can wonder, "Hmmm, might that have been Aunty?"

My other son saw the rehearsals today and said it was very good. He doesn't use such terms lightly.

czar said...

@Buzz: Actually, Mortimer and the Mute are different. I forget if Mortimer talks, but the full name of the character is Mortimer, the Man Who Dies, which also seems Telleresque.

navaneedh said...
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Aunty Belle said...

Lovely invitation, eagle eyed one. I has goosed one blogger in jes' that manner. Later, when he discovered in his comment section that he had missed the hour of his visitation, thar' be a puzzlement an' scratch in' of the pâté...of course he wuz trying to recall a dowager duchess from the crowd, when he knowed better, an ' shoulda been alert fer a cracker pigeon wif' a gimpy foot. But that t'were long ago, and the gimpy foot has healed.

Enjoy yore boy's brilliance, an ' rejoice that ya can see from the balcony.

czar said...

"The hour of his visitation." You are precious.

Aunty Belle said...

Gracious....thas' dear. Btw, above I meant pate but auto correct is more haute than AB.

Ya know, I did look at the calendar about Fantastiks. Would be a hoot to play Does Ya know Me. Alas,
Easter week is squeezed tight. But know youse gonna have a grand time seein' yore fella do his thang. We'uns hope ya plan to post photos fer us.