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Monday, April 18, 2016

The Days Do Pass

Twenty-ninth wedding anniversary today. My wife received what I think is the modern 29th-anniversary gift: a retractable/extendable back scratcher.

We're also getting our 160,000-mile Prius detailed and going to ATL for the weekend. I'm already getting vibes that the 30th anniversary is going to be a little different. Yeah, well.

Holidays line up as follows:

December: Christmas/Hanukkah
February: Valentine's Day
March: Birthday (hers); birthday (his)
April: Anniversary
May: Mother's Day
June: Father's Day

Our anniversary falls right after tax day, so I'm usually a wreck before and after anyway. After dinner tonight, Tere reminded me that our wedding took place on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter to accommodate my mother's teaching schedule. On a bunch of different accounts, I can't imagine what we were thinking about.

For the Good Friday rehearsal dinner (Jeez Louise), we had it catered by Home Folks, a now-long-gone barbecue joint in Jackson, GA. (Great story was eating there with some state troopers who'd recently come from an execution; Georgia's Old Sparky is in Jackson.) Well, it being Friday, my wife's brother and sister-in-law (Catholics) couldn't eat the pork barbecue (the Jews had no problem), especially because it was Good Friday. One of my groomsmen, who happened to work in the food bidness, had to arrange some fish dinners.

Yes, folks, I used to have dark hair (see below). That would be my brother the proofreader also seated. He still has all his hair (turns 61 this year) and has put on quite a few more kilos.

DH Bond, where are you?

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