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Monday, August 15, 2016

A Chain of Restaurants Can Kiss My Fat White @ss

[I could subtitle this, "Welcome to Trump Country." Where I live, 60 to 70 percent of voters will pull the lever for Trump in November, if he's still on the ballot.]


Sent today to a restaurant chain's corporate office on their customer feedback portal.

Bristol, VA:

Awful experience, and we never got past the host station. We'd planned on going to Ruby Tuesday’s next door, but it had closed up shop that very day. We went to XXX's, and the following conversation ensued. The  XXX's employee was one of two at the host station -- a lanky mid-to late 20-something with lightish brown hair and quite an attitude.

Me: You're benefiting from your neighbor shutting down. When did Ruby Tuesday's close?

XXX's: Today.

Me: No notice?

XXX's: Nope. All the employees let go.

My wife: A lot of restaurants around here are closing and moving to Tennessee. Why would they do that?

XXX's: You have something against Tennessee?

My wife: Well, taxes are higher and --

XXX's: Well, you live in communist Virginia.

His comment was made without a bit of humor and with far more of an edge than one would expect. We turned around and walked out.

We'll never be back to this  XXX's or likely any other if you continue to tolerate this type of blatantly confrontational attitude from employees at your restaurants.

I would welcome a response to this feedback. I hope you'll let the manager at the store know as well.

Bob Land

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