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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Land in Demand Studios

Well, the wheels are turning. I won't say yet I'm doing a complete 180 on earlier posts, but I'm getting there. Just in the interest of fairness and full disclosure.

I guess I can look at it this way as well: Imagine yourself as an Internet company in an age when everyone has a keyboard and a way to send in an application, when the company is offering work, when the economy is imploding, and when far more people who are qualified to do so think of themselves as being writers or able to do editing and proofreading work.

I've had a most pleasant ongoing exchange with one of the company's employees to this point, and have done some work that is awaiting internal review. They appear to have an interesting business model and, if nothing else, do seem to be hiring writers and editors . . . which is more than one can say for publishing companies and newspapers these days.

I will report further . . . to a degree. Then I will put the company behind the same veil of anonymity that covers the rest of the Land on Demand stable.


iPictured This said...

I too sent in a resume when I saw their ad posted in WritersWrite.com. I reviewed Demand Studios' website and thought this is the perfect part-time job for me. I've been a newspaper reporter for 23 years, then moved into the Internet Department. It seemed like the people working for Demand Studios were average "Joes." The guy sitting at the coffee shop with his laptop really spoke to me.
Then about a week later, they send me an e-mail saying they don't have any work for me. Are you kidding? The site screams there are a million billion jobs worth 25 cents available.
So I've applied again under a new email. The site says my app is being reviewed...C'mon already!
Best of luck, man. If you get the gig, let me know your secret.

czar said...

We've already talked but I'm getting back on the blog for the first time in a while and want to make sure I answer all comments.

Yes, I got the gig. Patience, persistence, pestering (which can be tricky), and I think more than a little luck. Too, this is not a company that's been working with the same methodology for a decade or so. Not that I'm going to turn into an apologist for them, but I think that they in some respects are still working out a few kinks and are figuring out the best way to do things going forward. Like any other time one applies for a job, the wait and lack of response can be frustrating and downright baffling. I certainly went through that with them. Working with them now, they are responsive (the person I'm working with anyway), they appear to have integrity, they do indeed pay weekly, and I believe they are trying to weed out bad writers they might have hired in the past.

You know, I don't really have much faith in, well, much of anything, but I do believe in some respects that if it doesn't work out, it's probably just going to leave you time for or lead you to a better opportunity. Maybe that sounds like lame lemons/lemonade nonsense, and anyone who knows me knows that I am in no way Pollyannaish -- far from it. I hope they eventually find their way to you, and if not, then I hope something else even better comes your way soon.

Please come back soon and stay in touch.