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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

news alert: Demand Studios

Talk about a company that doesn't harbor ill feelings. Demand Studios sent me an editing test, which I passed (whew), and they are looking to train some editors to work about 20 hours per week steady through the year. We will see where this leads. In these days, even if the pay is a little less than I might be willing to accept from my regular clients, some of my regular clients have become a little lackadaisical about prompt payment. The idea of someone dropping some money in my account every Friday sounds pretty good right about now.

Funny thing: The woman who sent me the test and let me know that I'd passed it quoted a word or two from my blog back to me. I'll award bonus points for that. I'm not sure I'd have been so magnanimous.


moi said...

Yay! You sure are a persistent bugger.

joy at proofreading and editing said...

It goes to prove one thing again:
whatever you did will come back to hit you, for bad or for good.

czar said...


That appears rather ominous, but I guess it's all worked out in the end, so far. Two years later, and everybody's still standing.