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Monday, January 2, 2012

Haiku Monday: New Beginnings

[text, image, and photo expunged, but in honor of the blog homies, comments remain.]


moi said...

I'm not entirely sold on the AA model, but I do think these are some of the wisest words ever written.

Most excellent haiku, too.

Aunty Belle said...

Ah, thas' more like it. Czarist perspective.

This haiku direction is on a fair number of minds this mornin' I'd wager. Good show.

Home from Atlanta? Tilda on NYT? She has made a cottage industry of weirdness. But she is a very good actress.

Happy New Year, Czar.

Fleurdeleo said...

Csar, "way to thaw soul's winter works" is magnificent! and "one day at a time" is an apt, elegant finish. Wonderful!!

Jean said...

Immense patience and strength required for one day at a time but a wise path. Excellent haiku, Czar.

(Happy New Year!)

czar said...

@Moi: Nothing works for everybody, but I've seen the program work for plenty of people. I do think, though, that NA is a vast improvement over AA, but people don't know it as well. It deals more with the underlying problem. I've heard NA people refer to their AA experience as comprising three suggestions: meetings, marijuana, and masturbation.

@Aunty: Happy new year to you, too. Yes, I suspect New Year's Eve activity brings more than one person to the rooms for the first time.

@Fleur: Thanks.

@Jean: Indeed, on your first sentence. It's simple, but by no means easy. And a happy new year to you, too.

grins said...

Ah, timely message. My security system is Smith and Wilson.

moi said...

Your orange tie is THE color of 2012! See, never thought you'd be fashionable, huh.

czar said...

@Curmudgeon: Had to look it up, but your security appears to be in good hands.


And a general note, after reading over my earlier comment. I meant no disrespect to AA. Obviously that program works as well for those -- well -- for whom it works. Which is true of both programs. One program identifies a particular substance as the problem. The other deals with addiction in every form.

czar said...

@Moi: School colors. He's gone from orange and black to orange and blue, so the tie will still come in handy for another four years. Fashionable or not.

Jenny said...

well, the program (finally) worked for my BIL, but I'm with Moi.. still, two very lovely Haikus and if you need to start a blog just "for us" that would be great!

Happy New Year to you and yours and wishing you a healthy and happy 2012.

Jenny said...

is that you in the orange/tangerine/hip tie, Czar? :-) Just as expected and I mean that as a compliment.


czar said...

@Boxer: Happy new year to you, too, and congratulations on what appears to be a new addition to your family.

Yes, that's me in the tie (and your comments are very sweet), the czarina and our two sons in the middle, and Dad Czar on the right. However, as of about 11 this morning, I could win an Uncle Fester lookalike contest, if Uncle Fester wore Coke bottle glasses.

Aunty Belle said...

really lovin' the family photo--does ya feel lighter now?

@ Curmudgeon

Smith and Wilson?

Karl said...

Good afternoons Czar,

That's a fine family photo, a nice looking group. Although the ties a little hard of the eyes. It doesn't have the brightness knob does it?

Happy New Year to you and your fine family.

czar said...

@Karl: Good afternoon to you, sir, and thanks for the comments on the family. One nice thing about the color of my tie is that I don't have to look at it as much as do the folks around me.

czar said...

@Aunty: Lighter? Not so much. Colder, yes, although the drop into single-digit windchills around here might have something to do with it. I am missing the beard stroking, though. I can contemplatively stroke my naked chin, but it's just not the same.

Fleurdeleo said...

Perhaps you have seen the next Haiku Monday theme? Take a look on Scout's site. Csar, you have a chance to redeem yourself: please keep it classy this time.

czar said...

I've not seen the theme. Nor was I aware I was in need of redemption. Fair Goddess Fleur, where have I erred?

czar said...

Nocturnal? Aren't they all?