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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Unfamous Quotations 1

Most of the books I work on are suited for an audience of no more than about 1000 people, and for some that number is a lot lower. That's a function of my clients (see below) and the particular field of publishing in which I've found myself. When people want to know more about what I do, I tell them I'm one of the premier Taoist/Jew/atheist editor/indexer/proofreaders in the Christian publishing industry. Which is kind of like being Art Shamsky: the best lefthanded Jewish rightfielder in New York Mets history.

But just because the books are obscure doesn't mean they don't offer some gems once in a while. A while back I began compiling quotes with an eye toward possible future publication. Having given up hope of that, I'll just start posting them here. Chances are that you're not going to run into most of these books at your local Books-a-Million.


Then I found the most influential tool in the decision-making process: lack of choice. — Deanna Harris, “It Hurt Not to Cry,” in Born in Our Hearts, ed. Filis M. Casey and Marisa Catalina Casey (HCI, 2004)

Modern science is unaware that our teeth are the most important of all our organs of thought. — Rudolf Steiner, 1923, in A Modern Art of Education (Steiner Books, 2004)

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