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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm Really Not Trying to Turn This into Facebook or Twitter

But I'm drinking a Coke from a white and silver can. That's just wrong.

 Happy Thanksgiving all.

UPDATE, December 1:

Coke to Drop Snow-White Holiday Can


moi said...

Hope you and yours enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you got to drink something a little stronger than, what, Diet Coke? That's just wrong :o)

czar said...

Unfortunately, Moi, that is a real Coke can. Czar don't do diet Coke. Tastes too much like Pepsi. Yuck.

Only two diet drinks will I drink willingly: Fresca (dear to your heart) and Diet Dr. Pepper, which to me is the only diet drink to taste the same as the drink it's named for. I don't want to consider what chemicals make that possible, given that no one else even tries to accomplish that feat.

moi said...

Yes! If I liked Dr. Pepper, I'd drink the diet. It's almost exactly the same taste. Neat trick they pulled off there.